Head - to - Head

With one to two player options, you can go from practice rounds to head - to - head competitions in seconds.Player 1 (HOME) and Player 2’s (GUEST) final scores will display but only the winner’s score will be flashing.

Sounds, Training, & Modes

Lights & Hit Zones

Select either 1 or 2 PLAYER mode. Press the green START button to begin a 5 second countdown, giving you time to return back the soccer ball ready to shoot. Game officially begins with the first whistle blows. Shoot the ball towards the target with your best accuracy and speed.

Structure & Material

World's largest interactive playing mat that senses your every shot. Printed graphics on material with extra foam padding and fabric loops. (Requires 4 - AA Batteries)

Lights & Sounds

Built in lights and sounds make u feel like you've stepped into the middle of a professional game, countdown clock for when u play one - on - one against friends, and target trainer to help improve your skills.

Training Mats

Galaxy Stars games are easy to hang up, fun for both Kids and Adults to play and compete anywhere. The games will get you in shape, quickly build soccer skills & boost your self confidence!