Shooting Tips

Power & Accuracy

• 3 steps back are sufficient to properly shoot the ball with power & accuracy.

• Stand behind the ball, slightly to the left if you are right footed or slightly to the right if you are left footed.

• Pick a target and don’t change your decision before shooting.

• When you kick the ball make sure that your non-kicking foot lands as close as possible to the ball. The nearer to the ball your standing foot is when contact, the better control you’ll have over where the ball goes. 

• For more accuracy, shoot the ball hard and low at your target by using the inside of the foot.

• Keep your knee and head over the ball when shooting.

• Keep your hips squared to your target and head down over the ball when shooting.

• Following through with your shot will guide the ball in the right direction. Think of your leg like a pendulum swinging straight through the ball.

• When your foot lands, make sure it is pointed toward your target.

• Hit the ball with power but don’t hit the ball as hard as you can.

• As you stick the ball, make sure you bend your knees, you are balanced and have a strong center of gravity.

• Land on your shooting foot.

• In order to bend your shot you’ll need to contact the ball with the inside of your foot. Kick the ball slightly to the right or left of its center to make it start spinning and follow through.

• For ultimate power, use instep and inside area of the feet to drive the ball into the back of the net. Strike through the center of the ball and follow through. 


Skills & Fundamentals

• Trapping refers to the stopping of the ball by cushioning it (soft feet) so that it is easy to control. Allowing for a quick, accurate next move.

• Practice kicking the ball against the mat and trapping it on the rebound. Trap the ball with finesse to create a first good touch to set up an open shot and goal.

• The trick to trapping the ball is to absorb the ball with your feet, take away its momentum. The best technique for trapping the ball involves using the inside of the foot with the sole or laces of the shoe.

• The key to trapping a soccer ball is to leave it within three feet of yourself. To ensure the nest touch is a quick shot on goal. Focus on positioning in line with the ball, quickly lift the foot slightly off the ground, keeping the ankle locked and the tow up. The Foot should be firm enough that the pace of the ball doesn’t disturb the angle, raise elbows away from the body. This helps a player painting balance while on one foot. Move the foot backwards slightly on contact. This deadens the ball, try to absorb and catch the ball with your foot.

Half Volley Shot

Tips & Fundamentals

• Prepare for the ball quickly and stay on your toes with your arms out for balance. Get ready to adjust quickly because its hard to determine the location of the ball and the speed before you take the shot.

• Put your place foot down and your shooting foot up. This should happen in a split second, right before the ball reaches you. Angle your body so that you face your target. Volleying correctly is all about timing.

• The Standing foot should always be behind the ball, and far enough to the side to allow the kicking leg to swing and follow through with ease.

• The right technique for hitting volleys involves planting one foot and turning into the ball with the sticking foot parallel to the ground, when connecting with the ball.

• As the ball approaches, raise the knee and extend the ankle with toes pointing downward. Locked parallel to the floor.

• Wait until the ball starts dropping before you kick. Kick a half volley like a regular shot. Remember to kick the center of the ball and follow through, and focus more on keeping the ball low.

• Have your knee over the ball on a volley kick, and keep your body center and your head down; you’ll be able to control the ball, and focus to keep your shot low.

• If the soccer ball above your knees a half side volley kick would be your best shot on goal. By swiveling your body around the planted foot (non shooting foot) will act as a pivot, it helps turn your shoulder, so the shoulders are pointed towards the ball and then let your hips follow. Striking the ball at its center with the laces of your foot.

• Strike the volley like you would a standard kick (but ease up a little bit). Kick the center of the ball and follow through with your shot. Use the inside of your foot or your laces to kick a volley. A laces volley is more powerful while an inside volley is more accurate.

• A firm ankle and extended knee helps put more power in the volley.

• Keep the head down and shoulders square and follow through. Use the laces or instep area of the feet to drive the ball into the back of the net.

• Remember as always, follow up your shot, you will get a chance to score many points with a half volley. Don’t stop, keep shooting until the whistle blows. Practice makes perfect! Good luck; you’re a star!