1. 3 steps back are sufficient to properly shoot the ball with power and accuracy. Stand behind the ball slightly to the left if u are right footed, or slightly to the right if u are left footed.

2. Approach the ball with confidence, shooting quickly with good strength.

3. Stay alert, you must be ready to react quickly to trap a rebound creating a good first touch to set up your next shot.

4. Use your time wisely; try to shoot within 3 seconds of your last shot.

5. If the ball is bouncing try making a half volley shot.

Scoring tips and fundamentals


Volleying correctly is all about timing. The right technique for hitting volleys involves planting one foot and turning into the ball with the striking foot parallel to the ground when connecting with the ball. 


Trapping refers to the stopping of the ball by cushioning it so that it is easy to control. The trick to trapping the ball is to absorb the ball with your feet. (Take away it’s momentum) The best technique for trapping the ball involves using the inside of the foot with the sole or laces of the shoe.

Follow Through

To follow through, keeps your hips squared to your target and head down over the ball when shooting. As you strike the ball, make sure you bend your knees, your are balances, and have a strong center of gravity.